Fritillaries and butterflies

Kim’s notes: From Viola sagittata notes. From Viola adunca notes From Viola pedatifida notes (restoring of butterfly species) In relation to Viola adunca Reference: USGS Butterflies of America Aphrodite Fritillary (Speyeria aphrodite [Fabricius]) Wing span: 2 1/2 – 3 1/4 inches (6.3 – 8.3 cm). Identification: Geographically variable. Upperside reddish orange-brown; male forewing with black…

Viola purpurea, Kellogg

Viola purpurea, Kellogg Kim’s (quite extensive) notes and references, proposed keys, unedited. Posting includes 5 drawings and 9 photographs of subspecies V purpurea ssp venosa, ssp mohavensis, and ssp integrifolia, a drawing of ssp purpurea,  and photographs of ssp quercetorum.   Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci. 1:55 or 56?, 1855. Collected by A. Kellogg. Holotype in Californian…

Viola orbiculata

Viola orbiculata No text available. Illustrations: 4 photographs of Viola orbiculata and 1 drawing.

Viola nuttalii

Viola nuttalii No text available. Illustrations: 3 photographs of Viola nuttalii and 2 drawings.                        

Viola lobata, Benth.

Viola lobata, Benth Kim’s draft text, not in final form. Illustrations: 2 photographs of Viola lobata, 1 photograph of Viola lobata ssp integrifolia, 1 phtograph of Viola lobata ssp lobata, 3 drawings of Viola lobata and 1 drawing of a Viola lobata hybrid. There is a variety of this violet usually growing with it, which…

Viola lovelliana

Viola lovelliana No notes or drawings on this species.  Photograph of Viola lovelliana – but Kim wondered if it’s V. chasmatina. Photographed in BearCanyon, Guadaloupe NP, TX. April 2002  

Viola hastata, Michx

Viola hastata Extracts from Kim’s working notes. Illustrations: 5 photographs of Viola hastata and 2 drawings. Viola hastata, has large arrow-shaped leaves crowded at the top of straight stems. Where it grows in very shaded areas of moist woodlands, the leaves are variegated with very striking silver markings but in drier, sunnier situations they are…